Parkinson’s Wellness Fund

The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund (PWF) improves the quality of life for individuals and families living with Parkinson’s by providing access to complimentary services. Both for the individual living with Parkinson’s and the caregivers.

Our focus is to provide financial relief to families affected by Parkinson’s while also building awareness of the affects of Parkinson’s. It’s all about giving families the opportunity to get the services they need. We have a diverse group of Network Providers who have all committed to help the Parkinson’s community. Each provider must provide a discount on their services to our PWF applicants.

Quick facts you should know: 

– It is absolutely free to apply and be part of the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund.

– If you’re a service provider, it is absolutely free to be a PWF Network Provider. It is ideal you have experience working with individuals living with Parkinson’s.

– PWF Applicants are able to access these discounted rates at any given time, as much they want. No questions asked. They simply show their PWF card to the provider and will be able to take advantage of the discounts.

– PWF Applicants go on a waiting list to receive a 100% paid for PWF Grant Package. These packages are put together by our team and are given out as often as we’re able to do so. They are generally valued at $300 per package.

– PWF Applicants who receive a PWF Grant Package, will receive vouches for their granted service. These vouchers are given to the Network Provider at the time of their appointment. The Network Provider then bills the PWF and we take care of the bill. Money never exchanges hands. This ensures all parties involved are committed to the process.

To apply and find out more information on the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund, please go to our website here.