Our Story

In January of 2009, our journey started. From day 1 it has always been about being side-by-side the families living with Parkinson’s. There is a tremendous emphasis around the world on research and finding a cure.  This is fantastic. However, we have found there has been a lack of focus on the individuals and families living with Parkinson’s today. After seeing family after family struggle with medication costs, monthly insurance expenses it became clear that many people were in the same position – they simply could not find a way to afford alternate methods to helping them deal with the change of lifestyle when receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

We believe one can live a great life with Parkinson’s when they have the right team around them. Our philosophy is that an individual and family member must be able to have the support both mentally and physically in order to sustain the changes that Parkinson’s forces one to take. Therefore, our goal is to create programs that truly help to bridge this gap.

There is nothing more that we want then to witness a life without Parkinson’s. Until we get there, we’re committed to building upon the framework we have created. We’re excited, passionate and are focused on the driving force behind everything we do – improve the quality of life for individuals living with and affected by Parkinson’s.

For us, Parkinson’s is Personal.